Post #13 – Desribing Eye Color, Hair Color, and Hair Type

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Eye Colors:

While trying to gain some insight on how to be more descriptive with people’s eyes i stumbled across a website that gives full blown information about the importance of eyes. I thought I should share it with this group (mainly cause mine doesn’t have many members) you tend to have more people seeking your advice and I was trying to help share to load.

Blue, Brown, Hazel, Black, Blue, Grey, Green and Violet are some of the more popular colors that most people have a better understanding of and each has its own meaning. According to the website there are plenty that have become overused by so many and this website is to help stray away from that.

*Green, Brown, and Black are sometimes described as foods (mainly vegetables)
*If food has a more emotional quality that comes with it (ex: chocolate) these tend to work just as well
*Some marked as a cliche mean they are over used try to stray away from them

List of Eye Colors:

Amber: Golden
Black: Anthracite (like coal)
Black: Coal – Described as soft and muted (used as a cliche)
Black: Ebony – A soft absorbent hue not shiny yet beautiful
Black: Jet – Described as being luxurious, bold and shiny (used as a cliche)
Black: Midnight Black – Wouldn’t recommend using this one not much of a description behind it (used as a cliche)
Black: Obsidian – Obsidian is hard, black, and shiny. Not very appealing to the eye (used as a cliche) Highly recommended for villains
Black: Pitch black – Described as a dark sticky substance, technically its tar (used as a cliche) In order for it not be one add more descriptive words about the eye color.
Black: Sloe – Sloe is dark, plum colored, soft and slanted
Black: Smoky – Described as soft and muted. Connotations include fire and passion
Black: Soot – Described as ashes, dirty and unappealing
Black: Velvety – Described as soft and muted
Blue: Aquamarine – Described as clear, piercing, and striking
Blue: Baby blue – Described as faded
Blue: China – Described as pale and clear. Aristocratic connotation
Blue: Cornflower – Described as cool and muted. Unsophisticated or innocent connotations.
Blue: Crystal – Described as pale blue and luminous
Blue: Denim – Described as pale and faded. Unsophisticated connotation
Blue: Electric – Described as being bright, over-toned, energetic and striking
Blue: Forget-me-not – Described as pale blue (used as a cliche) Gentle or old-fashioned prettiness are connotations
Blue: Gun-Metal – Described as being cold, hard, shining. Dangerous or ruthless connotation
Blue: Ice – Is extremely pale, colder, not delicate like crystal. Contains cold light
Blue: Indigo – Is extremely dark and absorb light.
Blue: Sapphire – Are deep, luminous, shining, and beautiful. Rich and precious blue connotation (used as a cliche)
Blue: Sky – Described as being clear and not very bright. (Used as a cliche)
Brown: Amber – Described as being luminous, clear, warm and golden. Connotation is wolf-like
Brown: Chestnut – Described as warm with orange tones
Brown: Chocolate – True brown eyes. Connotation to decadence (used as a cliche)
Brown: Dirt/Mud – Described as having strength, steadfastness, attention and prosperity.
Brown: Tawny – Described as light brown, yellow or gold blended with the brown. (used as a cliche)
Brown: Topaz – Described as being pale, clear, shining gold, reflects light, luminous, and beautiful.
Grey: Charcoal – Is a dark gray almost black and can be pale
Grey: Cloud – Described as soft, muted, and luminous. Connotations include dreaminess, melancholy, and moodiness
Grey: Graphite – Pale grey eyes contain a medium tone of grey.
Grey: Gun Metal – Grey with a hint of blue
Grey: Silver – Bright, shining eyes that reflect the light
Grey: Slate – Has connotations of coolness and stone
Green: Bottle Green – Refers to deep, vivid green, and luminous (wouldn’t recommend using this)
Green: Cat’s Eye – A pale vivid green color, luminous and pale yellow. (used as a cliche)
Green: Chartreuse – A vivid light green and contains yellow irises
Green: Emerald – A very dark green, sometimes luminous. (used as a cliche)
Green: Forest – A muted soft green, absorbs light
Green: Jade – Has a soapy luminosity, dark green with black flecks. Prosperity, resistance, force and a sense of heroism.
Green: Sea – Is clear and luminous (cliche)
Hazel: Described as pale, golden brown, contains a lot of yellow, and beautiful
Violet: Amethyst – A very pale and clear color
Violet: Hyacinth – A clear, deep and vivid purple. Described as luminous and beautiful
Violet: Ultramarine – A dark violet color, closer to blue than violet

Color Meanings: Certain colors have many associations.

Black: A mysterious color. Connotations include: nights, secrecy, mysticism, and magic. Sometime black can indicate a secretive person and may have psychic tendencies.

Blue: An intense and energetic color. Connotations include: the sky, energy, and electricity. Sometimes referred to as being somebody with clairvoyance. Can indicate a direct and forceful person with the gifts of insight and observation.

Brown: A strong rich color. Connotations include: earth, creativity, simplicity, strength, and endurance. Sometimes indicates a strong and independent person with a connection with nature and earth.

Grey: A fluid and stable color. Connotations include: water, weather, change, mysticism, and wisdom. Sometimes describes a sensitive person.

Green: A vibrant and fresh color. Connotations include: life, vegetation, rejuvenation, youth, and health. Associated with empathy and compassion.

Hazel: A combination of inner strength and independence of brown. There’s fluidity and sensitivity.

Red: An evil and dark connotation.


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